English: Do you have any plans for the Easter weekend?
Czenglish: Yes, I am going to Krkonoše with some friends.
English: I’ve heard THE Krkonoše are nice…
Czenglish: It’s beautiful. I’m looking forward.
English: You’re looking forward TO IT.

There are two common mistakes here:

1. ‘The Krkonoše’ is a mountain range so it should always be said with thejust like ‘the Alps’, ‘the Himalayas’ etc.

2. If you say I am looking forward, it means physically you are looking forward, as opposed to looking backwards.
If we want to say we are excited about something that is going to happen we use look forward to. The ‘to’ in look forward to is a preposition so it should be followed by a noun phrase, pronoun, or a verb in the -ing form.

For example
– I am looking forward to it
– We look forward to your reply
– They are looking forward to seeing you next week

You can also change the word order and say ‘it is something I am looking forward to’.

The most important thing is to not drop TO!

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