How to improve in English:

  1. Recognise there are no magic tricks. If you want to speak English you need to speak English! Nothing beats using vocabulary and grammar in conversation.
  2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The only advantage children have over adults when learning a language is that they are fearless. Also, the more embarrassing a mistake is the less likely you are to repeat it, so fail fast to improve fast.
  3. Know why you are learning English. Set a specific goal and make sure your actions match your goals. It’s possible to go from nothing to fluent in 3 months but it is a big commitment.
    Equally, as noted polyglot Tim Ferriss says, you can get to 95% perfect in a language quite quickly, but then spend years trying to get to 100%.
  4. Have fun! Communicating effortlessly and effectively is more important the communicating perfectly.